Sunday 22 June 2014

I'm back

Hi guys,
It has been a while (approx 2 years), but after a hiatus from gaming I am back into Malifaux and have
come straight on through the breach once again.

I have sold all of my stuff so it is like a whole new fresh start on it, this was with a puppet deck, M2e rulebook and a Rasputina crew, this week hopefully my December Acoltyes and Cerberus will be with me to expand out the box also (but that is for another post).

Today I shall give a quick bit on the rulebook (I have only started reading the fluff) after getting it today, I am so happy the fluff follows on like I never left off.

There is some stuff to get used to, much like the upgrades and enforcers to start, but not worked on the rules yet, all I know is the layout is soooo much better than before.

I am back through the breach and loving it.

Remember folks, Bad Things Happen.