Here is where I will compile a list of websites I find useful and the places that I game.

Useful sites;

The home of Malifaux;

The official site for all things wyrd: 

A very useful site for downloads and game aids:

A Facebook group for any Scottish Malifaux gamer:

Blogs I read;

A painting commission site, very nice painting and a great all round site:

Marc Smith. A miniature wargaming blog in general. Fantastic models and an excellent painter:

Mark Bonatti. An avid painter and a very good sculptor, expect strong language and suggested violence:

Mike3838 blog a very useful guide to tournaments and all things Malifaux:

Russ Oliver blog all about Malifaux:

James aka MythicFox has a great blog about competitive Malifaux:

A great site from Lord Shaper all about wargaming in general:

Petescete a good friend of mine and a new gaming blog:


Arguably the best and longest running Malifaux Podcast;

A new Malifaux podcast really designed around the new gamer;

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