Awwwuh! A cute Teddy.....Part one.

Ok so maybe I lied a teeny tiny bit...

This post is about Nightmare Edition (NE) Teddy.

So on to a brief ditty about the model itself, this was one of the four Limited Edition (Nightmare Edition) model sets available during the four days of GenCon 2011 and I have to say my favorite of the four, the other three being, Dead Justice Crew, NE Lord Chompy Bits and Miss Demeanour. As with all things Limited run there is still a pretty high demand for them and they can sell for quite a price (if you are unscrupulous like that).

NE Teddy in its boxed beauty.

So after parting with some cold, hard earned cash he was all mine and I proceeded to open the box with all the excitement of a young child. After unboxing this wonder this is what I was left with;

NE Teddy unboxed

This model was quite fun to build, all I can say is them claws are a nightmare (pun intended) to glue on to them hands/paws and I advise a vice or third hand and a pair of tweezers to stick them on. 

All pieces ready for some fun

Them claws are not a lot of fun to glue in place

The finished article now ready for some paint and basing

As this is as far as I have got so far with this model that is all I can say so far, one thing though, this model looks great alongside my dreamer stuff but is taller than standard Lord Chompy Bits (LCB) so I think I may need to search around for a NE LCB. 

Stay tuned for more posts on this project and keep checking the  hobby-ing page for updates in my hobby world.

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