Monday, 2 July 2012

Welcome to Malifaux - Inaugral Tournament at The Giant's Lair 23-06-12

Hi Folks,

I know this has been a long time coming and has been over a week since the event was held, but as with all plans, Real Life and work get in the way!

The tournament was lots of fun and I shall post results at the end of this entry.

First I shall talk about the masters each guy used and the games played.

Welcome to Malifaux was a 35ss fixed master tournament (I used fixed master as the Malifaux community here is relatively new with most players only owning one or two crews and having played 5 or 6 games)

In the end it was a small turnout with only 5 people turning up, the competitors were;
Rob using McMourning
Jams using Seamus
Nickie using Lady J (Dead Justice)
Tom using Kaeris
David using Som'er Teeth
Me using Marcus

As it turned out with only 5 people attending I was wise enough to take a crew along with me so I joined in (luckily there was a small number so I wasn't kept too busy).

We played 4 rounds at 90minutes(ish) a round, the rounds played were;
Shared Treasure Hunt
Shared Claim Jump
Shared Turf War
Shared Slaughter

The games were bloody and after round 1 we had 2 very strong contenders for the prize.

After the 4 rounds were played we had an unbeaten winner going by the name of Rob with his McMourning crew.

The final standing was;
1) Rob with 11points
2) Nickie with 9points
3) Tom with 6points
4) David with 4points
5) Jams with 4points
6) Me with 1point

I have learned alot about Marcus and crew building with him through this tournament and will be revising my crew for next time. (I did have notes I promise they are just -somewhere- else right now) I will endeavour to get the full crews up on here after speaking to the guys and get some pictures up too.

There was also a video done by the now Famous JoeyBerry for her JoeyFaux YouTube log.

My latest projects are making Molly work and building a Collette crew for my next tournament (Into the Breach 22nd and 23rd September, it will be a pleasure to have you along)

Once again thanks for listening and I shall keep you posted with more information on my crews as it happens.

As always remember Cheat Fate or Lose Your Soul

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