Thursday, 16 February 2012

2012 Crews

So for 2012 I have decided that following the trend this year will be the year of using crews different to my usual style of play (and yes this includes a Ressurectionist crew)!

I have chose to initially field these at 35ss with the intention to build them up to 50ss over the year and the excellent releases that Wyrd seem to be spoiling us with recently. Check out the March and April releases.

So onto the crews I shall be using this year;

The first Crew will be Viktorias, here's the list;

Viktorias, 6ss pool
Von Schill
Freikorps Librarian
Convict Gunslinger

I know it is a small crew, and I have no experience working with any of the models so it could be a fun learning curve. 

The second Crew will be Dr. Douglas McMourning, and here is that list;

McMourning, 8ss pool with Zombie Chihuahua
Bete Noir
Desperate Mercenary
Canine Remains
Canine Remains
Canine Remains
Canine Remains
Necro Punk
Necro Punk
Rogue Necromancy (summon)
Flesh Construct (summon)
Flesh Construct (summon)

I have never played Ressurectionists so this will be an experience, but new year new crews and this will also give me my one crew in every faction.

So it is a short post but be prepared for some tournament feelings and reports on these crews.

As always remember Cheat Fate or Lose Your Soul

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