Sunday, 12 February 2012

Battle Foam Case

Ok time for the weekly update on Malifaux and I.

Yesterday I bought myself the Malifaux Battlefoam carry case (as a birthday present 2 months early).

My first impressions was "wow this is a big case to carry my Malifaux around in!"

Upon opening the case I was greeted with space for everything I will take to a game with me, it has room for two fate decks, my glass soulstone beads, a tape measure, some pencils/pens and all of my rules manuals if I saw fit to take them all...not to mention all them templates for my neverborn :)

Well that was just one side I had opened. So I swiftly spun the bag round to check out the other side to see where my models will be spending their travelling time. Low and behold on checking out the other side there is another pocket where I can store even more material, this got me to thinking all this bag needs is a place for me to store my laptop and I would be set. After unzipping the model side I was pleased to see the great quality foam that comes with the Battlefoam name and lots of it! The only thing so far I think the bag is missing is tray toppers.

So onto the bag itself;
The material used to make the bag seems very good and the embroidery is a nice touch (if a little gimmicky but then again lets be fair we all love little gimmicks).

 Model cover

Storage cover

The case is sturdy and seems very strong (I haven't tested it for sturdiness...yet). There is more space than I expected in a bag this size, considering the amount of foam you have to play with. 

The Foam;
The two trays for the standard models are deep enough that you have no worries about pointed swords or any appendages that point out and the pluck foam tray is deep enough for the 50mm based models to fit comfortably in. As I said before though although the bottoms of the foam trays are stiff the case trays could benefit from toppers. The two standard sized trays will hold combined 88 models and then however you manage to pluck the other tray to accomodate your other larger models.

Two trays for standard sized 30mm based models

The depth of the trays (40mm) will house
any standard sized model

Pluck tray

Depth of Pluck tray (60mm) will house
most of your 40mm and 50mm based models

The amount of storage you have to carry all your gaming aids is really good. You have ample room for everything you will want to take to your gaming night/event/weekend. You can easily carry your larger rules manuals, pocket rules manual, Soulstone beads, tokens, pencils and all your templates.

Storage side of the case

Well that is all the good points covered so now onto the negatives.

It is without a doubt an expensive case, of course you get what you pay for and that saying is very much proven with this (and any battlefoam bag). But that being said this case will be more expensive than the competitors. 

As the base foam of each tray is pretty stiff a tray topper could have been nice for each tray (although with that you would lose 5mm each tray topper) to protect each trays contents. These would be nice as standard with the cases although it is a minor thing in my eyes.

They really are the only two bad points I can find with the bag and overall I would be willing to pay more for a bag of this quality and I will happily recommend the bags to anyone looking for a gaming case.

It comes in three colours (black, red, and brown) and has the various loadouts you come to expect with battlefoam. Go and check out for more information on all of their products.

Stay tuned later in the week for more posts on the modelling and gaming front of the hobby.

As always remember Cheat Fate or Lose Your Soul

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  1. The feeling a battlefoam bag gives you is amazing, like all those hours and hours and weeks of overtime were worth it :) They are expensive, but I would buy no other bag now, they have knocked feldherr from the top spot for me, and every other manufacturer(KR, FiC etc) lie in a distant third place. You also get a lifetime guarantee with em, which is not bad.

    1. The only other case I have and will keep is my Feldherr Mini+, you are correct the Battlefoam case is an amazing case, even without the lifetime guarantee. The feel of the case and foam is second to none and I can't believe it has taken me this long to get one.

  2. My problem with battlefoam is the size.... for bigger scaled games like Warmahordes/40k etc then fair enough. Their 'skirmish' game bags, such as this Malifaux bag, I find unnecessarily huge unless you want to carry ALL your stuff ALL the time. You can't deny the quality of it, but it seems a bit OTT.

    1. It is a big case, but as you said unless you want to carry all your stuff all the time, and well I do :)

      I can see though why you find it OTT

  3. I use KR Multicases. It takes 2 cases to fit each of my warhammer armies and currently have all my malifaux stuff in pretty much 2 layers of a case. leaving me loads of spare room. As it's pretty seldom I'll take just one game along to the club I usually end up just throwing the two layers of Malifaux stuff into one of the other boxes rather than carrying an empty case or getting a custom smaller case.

    1. I can see your reasons why you wouldn't and I have to say that although I have heard good things about KR cases it's the foam that I am told lets them down a lot of the time.
      If you was to get another case I couldn't recommend anything any more than I would a Battlefoam case. Of course we all have our favorites though ;)

  4. I only have a single 25 model size box that I picked up from my LGS.

    I would LOVE one of these, and I did try to get one when they were reduced before Xmas on Wayland Games, but because of one reason or another that never happened, but they do look beautiful!

    1. I have a Feldherr Mini+ case (holds 32 models and a pluck tray) and it is a lovely case but now having the Battlefoam case I am officially a convert and I wont be looking back from this case. It is a fantastic case and I really do recommend it to anyone.

  5. Heya, saw your Blog in a ReTweet this morning thought I'd throw in my two pennies on this front. Mostly to agree with you though..I own a PACK 216 and I was one of those Gotta Have It! people who snagged a Black 720 when they came out.

    My only beefs with Battlefoam Bags, as others have mentioned, is the size. For Skirmish level games such as those made by Wyrd, Privateer Press etc they are almost too large for convenience. What I use mine for largely these days are safe storage (which is the purpose of them in the end) at home and when I have to pack something up to go on the road I picked up a Sgt. Bag from Portable Warfare for my Skirmish desires. Now if we're talking 40k, the 720 comes right out immediately