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Well hello there stranger!

Welcome to Malifaux.

This here is my blog all about my adventures into The Breach, it will contain battle reports and my overall experiences into the world of Malifaux.

Malifaux and myself:

I am a Malifaux Henchman and have a crew in nearly every faction (never any Ressers). I play at a club in Glasgow (G3). The crews I use are Ramos, Som'er and Perdita.
I have a few WIP crews Sonnia (unpainted), Lady J (unpainted) and Dreamer (unpainted). 

Now more on myself as a gamer; 
I started as many gamers did in Warhammer Fantasy (about 15years ago now) with a very much on/off relationship with the company that is Games Workshop. Moving across to 40k and that kept me for about 8years. As money grew a bit tighter and I had to act like an adult (well almost) I moved to skirmish games primarily Lord of the Rings and Necromunda.
After a few years out of the miniature wargaming hobby I came back and was introduced to Malifaux and that is where we are now.

My first impressions of the game:

I shall start with what I believe could do with some work or changing in the game;

Triggers - Some Triggers that do the same thing but are named differently. This could be made so much easier with just a single name and then specify suit or weapon it is on, on the relevant stat card. I think this will just make the game more strealined.

Book 1 Models - A lot of them are now way overpriced for what they are capable of against something similar to themselves in the newer books. V2 and some V3 cards have addressed some issues but there are still plenty to be made.

Book 1 Masters - Although fun to play fluff wise against Book 2 masters they are sorely mismatched. This could be actioned one of two ways...either nerf the Book 2 Masters (which they have started to do) or give some buffs to Book 1 Masters.

That's the downsides covered now to cover the good points of the game;

Cards - I love how they use cards (a Fate Deck) instead of dice. It's so unique and a very fun way to play a game. Perfectly in-keeping with the fluff of the story. Zoraida with her cards is always in my mind when I'm flipping a card over.

Crew Building - I really like the way you pick your crew after you know what you are playing. It really takes into account of how a boss would run a mission.

The Models - The sculpts that are used are fantastic and a real painters dream. I particularly like the fact for non-unique minions there is a selection of sculpts for each, there's nothing worse than 6 of the same model on the tabletop and they all look identical. 

Cost - The quality of the sculpts and the variety, is more than worth what you pay for these models and a starter box really can be played straight out of the box. As games can be played with as few models as you can muster there really is no pressure to buy all the biggest models just to play a game. 

Playability - It's a delight to demo and play this game and it attracts attention from hobbyists if only for the models and the beautiful sculpts. It's a smooth and very much a story based game. Perfect if you only have an hour or so to play with other commitments taking precedence.

Although the game is still relatively young it has its flaws but I believe the Pro's far outweigh the Con's and I recommend this game whenever anyone wants to play a new skirmish game (and I did that before I was a Henchman).

Well I guess that shall be the end of my first post. More to come soon.

Remember Cheat Fate or Lose Your Soul

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